Make Today a 10 + My Journaling Must-Haves

Aug 29, 2022
Make today a ten journaling with Lettered by Stephanie
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I posted about my favorite journaling prompt last week and got a lot of messages about it. Did you see it on Instagram? It’s a prompt I use for daily planning but it can be tweaked to cover a lot of different instances. 

The prompt I use is:  “What would make today a 10?”

It helps me organize my thoughts and really nail down my focus on what’s most important for that day. So let’s walk through how to use this prompt not only for day-to-day journaling, but how to tweak it for your relationship, overall life, or quarterly goals. Plus I’ll share some of my favorite journaling supplies too which make it more fun!

If you don’t currently journal, I challenge you to just try it for 1 week. It not only helps us get out everything that’s swirling around in our heads as creatives. But it also helps us narrow our focus on what really matters and can help us be more intentional with what we add to our schedule every day.

Step 1: Gather your journaling supplies:

My favorite journals: 


I am Brave – the perfect journal to keep stashed in my book bag for quick thoughts, prayers, or inspiring quotes.

I am Enough - I love being able to be creative while journaling; I have always been a doodler and it is so fun to color.


My favorite writing tools: 

While I love making my hand lettered SVGS on my iPad I also love to put a pen (or marker!) to paper for my daily journaling.

Crayola Super Tips are great for practicing your hand lettering daily. The super tip allows you to have a fine tip for writing with a wider marker for filling in your downstrokes.

Flair Pens are a journaling classic. I especially love this rainbow pack!

Tombow Brush Pen for when I am journaling a verse or a quote on a page and want big impact.

Polymer Eraser for sketching hand lettering. I always reach for this eraser after tracing my design with a pen or marker.

My Other Favorite Supplies: 

Sometimes it is fun to add a little color or flair to my journaling. Keeping my journaling fun is essential to me doing it consistently!


Journaling Stickers  - because we can never have too many positive words around us. I love these simple Tim Holtz black and white phrases to fill in the edges of my paper or any empty gaps. 

Sticky Notes (aka Post-Its) – also a great journaling supply to keep tucked in a book bag! Makes it easy to get back to special pages, say maybe you journal a morning mantra, if you use a post it to flag that page. 

Rainbow Washi Tape – You can never add too much color to your pages. I love adding a pop of color with washi and you can even make fun tabs with these taps too!

Creative Journaling – this is a great book if you’re just getting started with journaling and need to find a format/style that works for you.  

Step 2: How to journal with the “Make Today a Ten” prompt:

Start by thinking about your day and the things that would bring you the most joy & satisfaction, thus making your day a “10”.

What do I need to do today that's going to make me feel accomplished?

What’s going to set me up for a better day tomorrow?

What is going to make me (and my loved ones) feel joy today?

Write out those thoughts as they come to you. Don’t edit them or question them. 

Step 3: Take action to Make Today a Ten:

Step back and evaluate your journaling. Come up with a plan to achieve the extraordinary day you desire.

Maybe it's a day where you’re not working and it's all about your kids. Play games with them and be super focused. Put your phone on a counter and disconnect for a couple of hours to be intentional with your family.

Maybe it's a workday so your list is more task-focused. Outline a course, schedule or attend a meeting, or update shop files. 

These action items help you identify what is really important on that particular day and prioritize your time. 

BONUS: Want to tweak this for other areas? Ask yourself these prompts: 

  • What would make my relationship a 10? (Find the opportunities for growth and start first with the "low hanging fruit" to snag some quick wins and energy for the relationship)
  • What would make my LIFE a 10? (Then formulate your yearly goals around that).
  • What would make my business a 10? (Start a plan to pivot to a business plan that works for you and your family. Review this once a quarter and my ongoing adjustments.)

I hope this helps you make today a ten! You’ve got this!

Click here to see my Instagram video on how I make today a ten.


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