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I took a local hand lettering class and FELL IN LOVE with the art. Soon began painting pieces for my own house, of encouraging quotes that I needed to hear. I got a Cricut for my birthday, and began making signs for others which led to an Etsy shop. 

It took a few simple first steps, and some audacious dreaming, to get to here with you now. Now I've hand lettered over 2,000 cut files and I've got a small library of free ones to share with YOU.

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As a hand lettering artist, encourager, and small business owner, I know the ups and downs a long the way. 

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I believe we all have the magic inside us to make our dreams come true.

But sometimes we need help seeing our full potential, some encouragement to keep going when it feels tough or someone to lead the way and show us how they did it.

If you're on a creative journey to finding yourself, your confidence and your spot in the creative world, walk this journey with me!

My method for moving the needle, making the most of my day and feeling accomplished, is called 'Make Today a 10!' and I've got an 8 week planner to help you build practices that make a difference! 

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Our Words Matter.

SVGs that spread positivity and encouragement.

My mission is to share words that shine a light - because I believe in a world where hope, encouragment and love are the abundant forces. Where we can all reach our full potential. 

I love helping women feel confident enough to take action toward building a life they love, and a business that gives them freedom. 

The words we surround ourselves with, and put in our minds, shape how we see the world around us. 

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