Craft Business: How It Started vs How It's Going

craft business handlettering svg club svg cut files Jun 02, 2021
My craft business, how it started vs how it's going. Handmade hustler to passive income coach.

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Late nights after a 9-5. In the garage "workshop". Buried deep in saw dust and packaging supplies. That's where this business started. 

Were you around for my sign making days? That was the first stepping stone in my small business. Which then led to

But my roots were probably a lot like yours, not exactly sure what I was doing, just figuring out as I go. And if I'm honest, the words I painted on signs were the words I needed to hear myself as I battled with deep self doubt and finding myself again after trying to fit in the societal mold (which I was NOT built for). 

On our creative journeys we have phases, or seasons, each serving a purpose and teaching us lessons we need to know. While I love and appreciate each season I've been in, the one I'm in now - getting to teach other women to create a new and passive income stream with digital cut files - is my very favorite. I love cheering you on, giving you encouragement and sharing our broken stories. 

I believe we each have a gift inside us we are meant to share with the world. I hope you are sharing yours.  

What about you? Are you in a season you'd like to stay in? Are you in a phase that is just part of your process? Maybe you're unsure what's next....that's ok. We don't have to have it all figured out to start...or to try. 

I'd love to hear where you are. Comment below or find me on Instagram and send me a DM. 


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