The best birthday gift I ever gave myself...and free birthday files for you!

craft business free svg svg design Oct 15, 2021
Free Birthday SVG cut files

Just want the free files? Skip to the bottom.

It wasn't a new car, or fancy outfit, nor was it a special vacation. 

It was this business. And not just actually starting the business but ALLOWING myself to have big dreams and chase them and not give up on them. 

Have you allowed your self to dream big? Is there something you wish you could do if you knew FOR SURE if would work out?

While there is never a guarantee, giving myself the opportunity to take a risk has turned into one of my proudest accomplishments. 

This little business is run from my home, in the hours that work around my kids' schedule, and it's not only given me freedom from my cubicle 9-5 job but it's given me so much more! It's given me purpose, connection, and the ability to help others. And those things have turned out to be the best gift ever. 

I've always believed that as you climb the ladder in life, you should turn around and pull others up with you if you can. And I was so excited to be able to do that this week! 

This week, I teamed up with my friend Jennifer at Pigskins and Pigtails (who's a master at screen printing), and we held a live webinar together talking all about how to get started with SVGs and our experience in business. We got to connect with over 100 women live, share our journeys, encourage their dreams and spark some motivation in them. And, nearly a dozen of them have signed up to take my course on how to build a business just like exciting is that for them?? We recorded the webinar, if you'd like to catch a replay of it, email me [email protected]

Having people you look up to, and ideally mentors who can give you pointers is such a great booster when you're just getting started. If you're reading this and have considered designing SVGs, reach out to me, I'd love to see how I can help!


Now for those FREE birthday cut files!

My file above, "wish big", is available in my free svg library.

For the other cut files, follow the links below!

Birthday Cake Paper Box by Oh Yay Studio

Gift Tag Shaker by Craftara Creates

Happy Birthday Print and Cut Card by Crafty Life Mom

Cupcake Gift Card Holder by Gina C. Creates

Happy Birthday Cake Topper by Crafting Overload

Birthday Girl + Birthday Boy by Kayla Makes

Birthday Hat by Me and My Inklings

Multi-Colored Birthday Card by The Bearded Housewife

Wish Big by Lettered by Stephanie

Birthday Wine Glasses by Pen + Posh

Happy Birthday Cake Sketch/ Foil Quill Design by Persia Lou

Happy Birthday Topper by Poofy Cheeks

Here for the Cake by Sunshine and Munchkins

Unicorn Birthday Card by Spot of Tea Designs

Birthday Emoji Mini Pinata by Studio Xtine

Made in the 80's by Simply Made Fun

Cactus Cupcake Topper by Amy Robison

It's My Birthday by Tried & True Creative

Calories Don't Count on Your Birthday by Polka Dotted Blue Jay

Birthday Wishes by Liz on Call



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