August's Featured SVG Club Member: Personalize it by Rhiannon

craft business svg club Aug 24, 2021
SVG Club Member Personalize It By Rhiannon

Don't shoot the messenger, but it's really time to start considering Christmas shopping. 

And great news! The SVG Club's featured member for August, has got some really perfect gift ideas in stock...oh and double bonus, she's given me a coupon code to share with you guys.

Rhiannon can be found on Facebook and Instagram where she shares lots of the new products she makes. Earrings, dish scrubbies, kitchen towels, crochet stuffies, keychains...really so many great and easy gift ideas! You can shop all her great stuff here: and use code STEPHANIE15 for a discount!

Tell us about your business, how you got started and what you create?

I started by making cards and gifting them to people. Then people wanted to start ordering them and it’s just changed in what I’m offering item wise. I still make cards, just not as many and not as often.

What’s your favorite thing about running a business?

I can do what I want and change my plans to fit my life and my goals.

What is your favorite thing about the SVG Club?
Love having access to all the files! 
What advice would you give someone just starting out with crafting or business?
Be youself.
I got to first meet Rhiannon at a women's conference. We had both been in the same business coaching group online and when a chance to meet, in real life, other business women at a conference came up, I was IN! Rhiannon, was a vendor and she had ROWS and ROWS of gorgeous earrings on her set up. We briefly got to visit and found connection in both being from Kansas. It was the following year that we got to know each other even better online. 
That's one of my favorite parts of online creative businesses...the people you meet. Whether online or in person, the tribe of women all cheering each other on is amazing. It's another reason the SVG Club is so special to me, the women you get to connect with. If you run a creative business, I highly recommend attending industry conferences and retreats and creating BONDS with those women. It matters and it makes a difference.  
The other thing that really makes a when people like you shop small during the holiday season. Don't forget the makers, where your purchase supports a family and we do actually happy dances because you've made our day. and use code STEPHANIE15 for a discount


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