Should You Learn How to Design SVGs?

craft business svg design Oct 19, 2022
Learn to Design SVGS with Lettered by Stephanie

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I love teaching my online course: Design. Create. & Sell and helping other women learn how to make SVG designs. I am a firm believer that there is plenty of room for everyone in the digital world and that community is always better than competition. 

The "thing" that makes you unique also makes your SVG designs unique. It is the special sauce that literally nobody else on the planet can bring to the table. Girl, never dim your light to try to fit into whatever limitations you think you have. You can shine, you can thrive and you can create your dream life.

My very favorite part of my business is helping creative women with big dreams launch their own businesses and helping established entrepreneurs learn how to expand their businesses through digital products. This leads me to today's topic; a friend asked me on Instagram if the course would be a good fit for her if she wanted to learn how to make SVGs just for fun. My answer? YES! Of course. 

Let's explore some of the people who have taken the course in the past and what they used the SVGs for:

1. Brandy - The Emerging Entrepreneur 

She works full-time but dreams of being her own boss. She is busy with her 4 kids but enjoys being creative after they are all asleep. She shops on Etsy and loves small businesses.

Her goal for taking the course was to be able to take her family on a fun vacation with her profits and treats herself to a pedicure once a month. She followed the action plan, launched with 40 designs and is continuing to add 2 designs to her shop a week! She has her sights set on leaving her full-time job...and I believe she will. (Guys! This was exactly like me just 5 years ago!)

2. Jessica - The Hobbyist

She loves making crafts for her friends and family. She thrives being a team mom for her son's sports teams and loves hosting themed parties. She was tired of having to buy SVGs and then always having to edit them to get exactly what she was envisioning in her head.

Jessica loved learning how to make her own SVGs and now she can create a design for any event on her calendar. Making teacher appreciation gifts has never been easier or better looking! :)

Not everyone who jumps in does it with the purpose of making money! Some want a fun and fulfilling hobby. 

3. Kathleen - The Maker

A seasoned craft fair veteran, Kathleen has a loyal following on social media. She makes her own products and sells them on Etsy and at local craft fairs. She wanted to start making a more cohesive brand for her business instead of using licensed designs from other designers. 

Kathleen launched a whole new product line with her designed SVGs and her business is thriving as she heads into the holiday season. The cohesive look is making her products more recognizable, setting her business apart from the crowd. And she can take on custom orders without needing to find a designer to outsourse the work to! It saves her the hassel of trying to explain the vision, hoping the designer can 'see' what's in her customers head. She saw the course as an investment in her business. Investing in yourself and your business is always a smart way to spend money. 

What about you?

So, do you see yourself in one of these categories? Have you been on the fence about starting or growing your business? Designing SVG might be the answer. The best way to see if it's for you is to watch my free video and really get more clean on what this is all about. Or if you feel ready enroll today.




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