July's Featured SVG Club Member: Create With Crafty Jessie

craft business svg club Jul 22, 2021
Featured SVG Club Member, Create with Crafty Jessie

The SVG Club is full of incredibly creative ladies, so why not celebrate one each month! 

This month: Jessica of Create with Crafty Jessie (you can find her on both Facebook and Instagram)

Jessica works with polymer clay and teaches others how to do the same. How cool is that? We asked her about how she got started, check out her Q & A below, but even better she's offered to teach SVG club members about polymer clay AND she's sharing with you her "Polymer Clay Beginner's Guide", snag it here. 

Just for you guys she's also giving 15% off in her Etsy shop! Use code "STEPHANIE"

Tell us about your business, how you got started and what you create?

I’ve always been crafty, but my current journey began during my senior year of college. I was student teaching and needed something to do to destress myself. I found polymer clay and began sculpting for fun, eventually opening an Etsy shop and doing local craft shows. I worked in Cricut-based projects along the way and enjoyed the act of creating so much! Over the past year, I have done some soul searching and have started moving more toward content creation and sharing my knowledge instead of just churning out projects to sell.

What’s your favorite thing about running a business?

Having something tangible to show for my time and effort.

What advice would you give someone just starting out with crafting or business?

Do what makes you happy. Don’t do this for a quick buck because you’ll be disappointed for sure!

If you were telling your friends about the SVG club what would you tell them the benefits of the club have been for you?

A variety of great designs to use, a positive atmosphere of creativity, and the chance to learn new skills along the way!

What is your favorite thing about the SVG Club?

The positive vibes!


Club member can catch Jessica teaching live in our private Facebook group on Thursday, July 22nd at 5:30pm PT, 6:30pm MT, 7:30pm CT, 8:30 ET or catch the replay anytime inside the club page. 

Wanna join the SVG club? It's currently open for new members. 


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