Valentine's day isn't just for couples, we've got files for everyone!

cricut free svg Jan 14, 2022

 Valentine's day has a reputation of being a 'hallmark holiday' for couples. To be honest, I was never a big fan of Valentine's day when it felt like a forced day to give chocolates, cards and roses to a significant other. I've always been a rebel when it comes to social norms and I'd rather give and receive 'just because' rather than because society tells us to...I'll get off my soap box now. 

Over the last few years, being a single person and a mom, I actually like Valentine's day WAY MORE now. Funny how life works. We use it as a day to celebrate everyone we love, and no matter your stance on the holiday, my friends and I gathered up a bunch of new free cut files for you!

 To get my FREE "Yep! Still Single" SVG, access my entire library of free files here!

Curvy Sweet Heart by Gina C. Creates

Candy Heart Luminaries by Oh Yay Studio

Always and Forever by Studio Xtine

Valentine Doodle Heart by Persia Lou

Kitten and Puppy Peekaboo Cupcake Toppers by Craftara Creates

My Heart Belongs to Chocolate by Polka Dotted Blue Jay

I Love You 365 Days A Year by Sunshine and Munchkins

Valentine Unicorn by Weekend Craft

Play-Doh Valentine Gift Tags by Simply Made Fun

Cactus Valentine's Day SVG by Tried & True Creative

Love Bug Lollipop Holder SVG by Spot of Tea Designs

A Love Like Gnome Other Card by The Bearded Housewife

Mama & Mini by Poofy Cheeks Blog

Okay, Love You. Bye! by The Walnut Street House


Not Today Cupid by Artsy-Fartsy Mama

Retro Love by My Designs in the Chaos

Owl Valentine Box by Me and My Inklings


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