10 Must-Have SVGs for Handmade Christmas Gifts

Oct 27, 2022
10 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas and the SVGs you need to make them from Lettered by Stephanie.

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Can you believe Christmas is less than two months away? I started brainstorming Christmas gifts for family and friends the other day and thought I would share my 10 must-have SVGs for Handmade Christmas Gifts with you. I think there is something magical about handmade gifts; they show you were thoughtful and planned ahead to make something that the other person will treasure. 

My business started out with handmade signs filled with encouraging quotes. I loved knowing that my customers were buying my signs for their homes or for others and surrounding themselves with positivity on their walls. You can make your own signs (or any other craft project) now with my encouraging SVGs to give as gifts this year.

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas: 

Gifts for Teachers

Celebrate your teacher(s) with a handmade gift and a gift card. These mascot cut files are perfect for decorating tumblers, a sturdy book bag, or a keychain. Remember, practical is best for your teacher. Toss in some good old-fashioned teacher essentials (markers, note cards, and a nice pen) and you're sure to win some bonus points.

Gifts for Friends

Don't forget your friends during the holidays. Your friends will love some DIY gifts; and, because they are your friends, you can have some fun with what you make. Remind them why they are awesome and how much you love them.


Gifts for Your Friend Who Needs Encouragement

We all go through seasons of ups and downs. Sometimes you need to be the light to a friend who is in a "down" season. I love the quote: "You are uniquely equipped to help the person you used to be." So send some encouragement to a friend who needs a little extra during the holidays with a handmade gift and a sweet treat.

Gifts for The Busy Mom

For the other moms in the car pickup line, activity practices, or on the sidelines, show your mom squad some love this season with fun gift baskets or a beautifully wrapped gift. It is always nice for Mom to get something she also didn't have to wrap for herself!


Gifts for the Animal Person

Pet parents need Christmas gifts too! Make sure the dog, cat, bird, etc. lover in your life gets a fun handmade gift as well. Suggestions: custom leashes or harnesses or treat jars. 

Gifts for Your Crafty Crew

It takes one to know one! Crafty friends like getting homemade gifts too. Surprise a crafty friend with some of their favorite craft supplies in a beautiful basket.


Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Office supplies are always a good choice for entrepreneurs. Add their logo and a motivational quote to a notebook for a fun and functional Christmas gift.


Gifts for Your Tribe

If you have a mastermind group or a group of like-minded friends (business or otherwise) you can celebrate the holidays with some tribe-themed gifts. 

Gifts for Your Small Group or Bible Study

Faith-based Christmas gifts are easy with some beautiful hand lettering and a SVG. Add them to a tumbler, book bag, keychain, etc. Anywhere a friend might need to look for some extra reminder of God's love from time to time. These tumblers were made by Simply Glittered and I love them!

Gifts for Newlyweds

Gifts for newlyweds don't have to stop after the wedding. A couple's first Christmas is the perfect time to gift them some DIY newlywed gifts. Buy all the materials for a bride to make a shadow box for her bouquet, add a decal to a frame, or a beautiful sign.

 I know DIY Christmas gifts can be more time-consuming, but I think you would agree that they are definitely more heartfelt. I can't wait to see what you make this holiday season. Be sure to tag me on social media so I can see them.



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